The bread and butter


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Here’s a map of my route to work. 5.38 miles each way / 10.72 miles per day. Not bad for keeping the legs ticking over 4 days a week. It takes me at about 30 minutes, although I’ve never timed myself. It’s a good route:

  • Descending Dartmouth Park Hill really blows out the cobwebs in the morning, and provides a tough climb to finish on the way home at night.
  • The whole area around Belsize Park, Chalk Farm and Primrose Hill is pleasantly quiet, green and varied – this route cuts out the clogged Kentish Town Road / Fortess Road stretch.
  • Regent’s Park is good for a burst of speed if the legs demand it. It’s hard to see how I will ever get tired of drafting and overtaking other riders on this stretch.

On a general note, I really feel that, if you live in London and within 45 minutes to work by bike, and you’re lucky enough to have two legs, functioning lungs and a brain, you should be riding to work. Your life will be enhanced immeasurably. When I ride to work, I arrive:

  • Wide awake
  • Endorphin-charged and happy
  • Showered and fresh (I have a shower at work – you’ll need it)

Whereas, on days when I don’t ride and have to take the bus or – in a worst-case scenario – the tube, I arrive:

  • Grumpy
  • Sweaty
  • Tired
  • Poorer by £1-£2.50

Naturally, I don’t commute on the Wilier. I’ll be introducing my hack bike soon.

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  1. Tom October 28th, 2008 at 5:08 am

    Cheers Al, you inspired me into getting back onto my commute for the winter! Beautiful ride in this morning in the wintry conditions left me ticking the same boxes you list.

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