Taking time out sucks


Some thoughts on taking time off the bike, as much to record my own condition as anything else.

Prior to my trip to Japan, i.e. around 25th October, I was on pretty good form. Not summer sportive level, but feeling strong and easily able to ride 4-5 hours with some brisk climbs thrown in. My first ride for 3 weeks was yesterday’s commute. I got a cold in Japan which has left me with a kind of post-viral malaise that I’m still shaking off.

Here’s my condition at 18th November:

  • Legs: weak, no zing.
  • Lungs: tired, weak, fragile.
  • Flexibility and general physical strength: poor.
The only consolation is that I’m still light from all that sushi. The lessons learned are:
  • Don’t let anybody tell you that 3-4 weeks out of the saddle won’t hurt your fitness. 
  • A cold, even a minor one that you don’t take time off for, really hurts your fitness for at least 2 weeks. Don’t expect much (and don’t push it) before a fortnight is up. 

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