Big-ride prep: what not to do


Last Friday, for the first time this year, I prepared really badly for my big weekend ride. Normally I’m really careful and focussed on my important training blocks, but maybe I was a little focussed-out after the Puncheur and Burgess Hill Classic both within a fortnight, and needed more rest. In any case, here’s my run-down of how it all went wrong.

Sleep: I had about 6 hours sleep on Thursday and Friday night. Not cool, I need at least 8 for 2-3 nights before a big ride to be in optimum shape.

Food: It was my Mum’s 60th last week, so on Friday my family and I went to Claridge’s for a celebratory tea. 

Tea at Claridge's: posh carbo-loading.

Tea at Claridge's: posh carbo-loading.

I consumed:

  • 10-12 small sandwiches, no crusts, mixed fillings.
  • 1 scone with jam.
  • A glazed fruit tart.
  • Half a chocolate cake.
  • 6 cups of tea.
  • 1 glass pink champagne.

Alcohol: after Claridge’s, and prolonging the posh party vibe, we went for a few drinks at the Park Lane Hilton. Later, I caught the tube to Brick Lane to meet some people in a bar.

I drank:

  • 5 double rum and cokes.
  • A bottle of lager.
  • A Jager-bomb (for the uninitiated, this is a shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of Red Bull, and downed).

My plan for Saturday was a 5-6 hour easy ride with Millsy, but the combination of poor sleep and a hangover found me tired, weak and confused at 7am Saturday. The weather was stunning, but I had a headache and dry mouth for much of the ride. It could have been the ride of the year, but instead it was an ordeal. 

Note to self: this is not to be repeated before July 4th!

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