Recovery notes


A couple of notes to self on recovery. Since the Burgess Hill Classic a fortnight ago, I haven’t felt above 80% on the bike – in terms of my energy levels and leg strength – and I’m trying to figure out why.

There are some things I already know about, like last Saturday’s late night / hangover combo. But this weekend I would have expected to feel recovered, so after a good sleep Thursday night, I headed out on Friday, aiming for 4hrs minimum. I went 2.5hrs. The hailstorms that at one point forced me off the road were a factor, but basically I still felt tired, I didn’t even particularly want to ride that day, and once in the saddle my legs had no zing.

Looking back at my training plan, I had 3 ‘build’ weeks up to the Puncheur on 1st March. Then I had a kind of plateau week, then I did a week, albeit with 2 rest days, that culminated in Burgess Hill on 15th. In retrospect I probably ought to have had a light week straight afterwards i.e. no more than 5 hrs in the saddle. In fact, by last Friday I’d only had 1 day completely off the bike since the sportive.

I’ve now had 3 days off the bike and some good sleeps, even if I did climb Snowdon on Saturday and my legs are wrecked. My plan is now to repeat last week’s 4 days of commuting, before doing 100 miles on Saturday, and another 100 the following Friday.

Zing update: I rode Archway to Brixton last night, and powered it. 2 full days off the bike, and the zing is back.

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