The Ride of the Living Dead


Poster design by Cricket Press.

Poster design by Cricket Press.

Another bike-related find courtesy of Christian‘s Colourschool blog. The poster is hand-printed by Cricket Press, and you can buy direct from their website (although, sadly, this particular poster is no longer available).

I like the mention of ‘Al’s Bar’ at the finish.

Do zombies’ legs feel pressure or do they ride without pain? I’m thinking of Tom Simpson’s final moments on the Ventoux during the 1967 Tour de France. Ripped on amphetamine and half a bottle of brandy, he demanded to be put back on his bike when he fell off the first time. The second time he fell off he was probably already dead from heart failure, his hands gripping the bars so hard his fingers had to be prised off by the Tour doctor. My guess is Simpson had long since stopped feeling pain on that brutal mountainside – his ascent was indeed the Ride of the Living Dead.

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