Product review: White Lightning Lubes


Millsy wants to know what lube to use. Figured I’d post my answer. 

From my experience of frequent UK road riding, my number 1 recommendation would be White Lightning Clean Ride.


If you ride regularly an oily chain is the bane of your life. The stuff gets everywhere. Clean Ride is the only lube I’ve found that is effective whilst keeping the chain clean.

You still need to rub the chain clean after each ride, and re-apply before the next one, but it’s a good idea to do this anyway to keep things rolling smoothly and prevent grime accumulating.

For longer rides, apply lots, wait 20 mins, then re-apply.

For long, hard, wet rides, you will need a tougher lube. If I’m going longer than 4 hours, I use White Lightning Epic Ride, which is not as clean but will ensure your chain doesn’t dry out, cause friction, and slow you down.


Just by the way, avoid this:


It says it’s clean, but actually it’s much thicker than White Lightning, and ends up black and messy in no time.

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