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Cotty epic

Michael Cotty’s 666km Alpine ride in August was beyond epic…

Good article on about the tech set up too.

Rapha: Sella


Red Bull Minidrome

Just watching this makes me nauseous. It probably falls into the same category of entertainment as Rollapaluza.

Bike Theft NYC

Filmmaker Casey Neistat conducted an experiment in New York City to see how easy it was to steal a bike. The answer? Check the video.

Via Kottke.

Concept bikes #2

Derringer rig.

Derringer rig.

A couple of random concept bikes to round out the week.

Firstly, the Derringer – “A modern interpretation of the board tracking racing motorcycles of the 1920s” – which is basically a really heavy bike with a nice paint job and 3 metres of chain arranged cats-cradle style. I don’t really get it. From David Hardy.

The Arantix by Delta 7 Bikes.

The Arantix by Delta 7 Bikes.

Secondly, the Arantix by Delta 7 – or is it the Delta 7 by Arantix? Who cares, this kicks serious ass. I would love to wheelie drop this mutant off the train at Dorking just to see Andy and Tom’s faces. I imagine it would be the kind of bike coveted by Karl Stromberg, the villain in The Spy Who Love Me, riding it endlessly around his ocean lair and stroking the DNA spiral mesh. Imagine trying to clean it though.


Look Mum No Hands – Tour mugs

Want: Tour de France jersey mugs

Want: Tour de France jersey mugs.

£15 for the set – only from Look Mum No Hands on Old Street.

Man the Tour is close. Stupid Wimbledon has been distracting me.

Garmin Cervélo: Beyond the Peloton

Check out this series of videos from the Garmin Cervélo squad, charting their 2011 season with episodes for all the big one-day classics: Milan San-Remo, the Tour of Flanders, and now Paris-Roubaix.

This year’s Paris-Roubaix was a good one for the team. Although the favourite on the day would have been Thor Hushovd, the eventual winner was his teammate Johan van Summeren. Van Summeren crossed the line and proposed to his girlfriend – utter legend.

Bertelli track bikes

If you’re into hand-built bikes, or indeed if you’re any kind of two-wheel purist, check out

Francesco Bertelli builds track bikes in New York City, and takes his craft pretty seriously. His bikes have no visible logos or stickers in sight, use lugged steel, leather and wood, and are strictly fixed wheel only – none of your urban pseudo-courier flip-flop nonsense thank you very much. The selection of bikes on the website feature restored vintage componentry from the 1950s to the 80s (sourced from all over the world), alongside hand-crafted bits, and (I assume) brand new bolts, bearings and drivetrain.

The styling on some items is fantastically refined, like the curved wooden handlebar on the Domenica. The description of this particular model reads:

This is the kind of bike you would ride during a bright sunny sunday in the middle of spring, with your newspaper under your arm, heading to you [sic] favorite breakfast bar. or at least this is what we are used to do in Italy.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty far off my customary riding habits – but it’s a nice bike nonetheless.

Insane Valparaiso street DH

Slovenian BMX nut Filip Polc films his own descent of a special downhill course in Valparaiso, Chile.


This pinstripe-wearing loon almost hits a dog…

Concept bikes and custom fixies

A February ‘concept bike’ roundup. Consisting of two bikes.

Kissena Ralph Lauren RLX - in battleship grey.

According to Ralph Lauren, concept bikes are now “officially couture”.

Grace E Bike

Grace E Bike - the world's first street legal E-Motorbike.

Nice concepts – send me prototypes you crazy fashionista bike nuts!