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Road bike warranties

What warranty coverage do some of the big road bike manufacturers offer on their frames?

  • Condor – 2 years – read more
  • Wilier – 4 years (5 years if registered online 10 days from purchase) – read more
  • Look – 5 years
  • Canyon – 6 years – read more
  • Felt – lifetime
  • Trek – lifetime – read more
  • Parlee – lifetime – read more
  • Specialized – lifetime – read more

Naturally, the precise terms of all these will differ – but the list gives an idea of the range. By all accounts, Trek is the daddy of bike warranties. Joe is onto the fourth or fifth incarnation of his Madone 7.2 frame, which has persistently developed a crack in exactly the same place on the seat tube.

Campagnolo Ultra-Torque – don’t try this at home

I’m on the market for a new chainset. Well, basically, I need new bearings for my bottom bracket so figure I may as well spend £250 rather than £20…

Just bought a new chainset, to be fitted Thursday by those wrench-wielding legends at Condor.

During an hour of web-based research prior to buying said chainset, wondering whether or not I could install the beast myself, I discovered this how-to video. It’s quite comedy, because there’s nothing to suggest at the start that, rather than being a user-friendly demo from a mustachioed Italian mechanic, it is in fact ridiculously technical. The guy just keeps pulling out more attachments and tools, all at the same precise pace. The lack of audio makes it all the more bizarre.

Seriously, anyone contemplating upgrading or repairing an ultra-torque BB would be best advised to get it to a shop. Apart from skills in brain surgery, you will also need to purchase £300+ of tools beforehand – then you’ll break it and have to take it to the shop anyway.

Bike shops

Coolest bike shop sign in the world?

Coolest bike shop sign in the world? Photo: RAPHA on Flickr

I’d like to visit Mellow Johnny’s one day. I like bike shops that try to be original, and that raise the bar in terms of design and customer experience. I like walking into a bike shop and being seduced by the stock on display. I like the atmosphere in there to feel like a club of initiates who aren’t snooty towards newcomers or those less knowledgeable.

Best bike shop in London? Possibly Condor. But I haven’t been to all of them. I’m probably not going to. What I may well do, from the comfort of my armchair, is try to find the world’s best bike shop website. I’ve reviewed some before: here’s a review of Condor’s old site – to be honest they still haven’t got it right; and of course there’s this one, the less said about the better.

So what about the criteria?

  • Attractive, coherent visual design
  • Easy navigation, product organisation etc.
  • Features – does the site aspire to be something other than an online flyer saying ‘we sell bikes’?
  • Seduction quality – I want to hit the home page and feel my debit card start to slip out of my wallet

The search begins… suggestions below!