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Two weeks ago I had a crash on my commute to work. For various reasons it’s taken me a while to get around to documenting this unfortunate incident – but there it is. I crashed.

I was riding in on a drizzly Monday morning when somebody opened their passenger-side door into my right quad. It happened in a split-second, and I landed in a heap in the gutter, my bike likewise. People asked me whether I flew into a rage at the passenger – I didn’t, the pain and shock made me dazed and docile. The passenger, driver, and various bystanders huddled around me for a minute or so, then, satisfied that I would live through it, got back to their Monday mornings. I continued the commute powered by my left leg only.

It hurt quite a lot. I took Tuesday off at home to ice it and try and bring the swelling down. My main worry of course was that the injury would affect my preparation for the Puncheur, but in fact I rode my bike home gingerly Wednesday night, and experienced only a slight loss of power on a long ride on Sunday. I limped painfully for a few days, though. The bruising spread around my whole upper thigh and down to my knee. Even two weeks on, I still get woken up by the discomfort in the morning.

A few days after...

Mellow yellow, a few days after...

2010 – first ride out

The current conditions just north of Potters Bar.

The current conditions just north of Potters Bar.

Yesterday was my first ride out of the new decade. Following a period of 2 months out of the saddle (a trip to Nepal was partly to blame), which itself included a 2 week drinking marathon (the party season) and a 1 week eating marathon (the Mucklow family Christmas), it wasn’t surprising that my form stank.

My leg strength deserted me; my heart rate pootled along in zone 2; my blood sugar levels bonked as my stomach craved cake and turkey trimmings. Compare this graph from yesterday (peak HR 157):

Heart rate graph 2-1-10

Heart rate graph 2-1-10

with this one from 18 July last year (peak HR 177).

Heart rate graph 18-7-09

Heart rate graph 18-7-09

I remember this ride. I never blogged about it because I was just back from La Marmotte and I couldn’t be bothered. But it was the ride of the year. I was out with Millsy on a 4hr+ circuit from Sevenoaks (possibly the Hell of the Ashdown route). I was rested from my trip to France, but still held the form from months of training. I was hitting the hills hard, and just kept feeling stronger. Then came a truly epic half-hour stretch in the closing stages of the ride, on a gradual climb up to Sevenoaks Weald. My heart rate climbed from 160 into the 170s, and I recall looking down at my wrist to check the effort and seeing 177. There was an almost other-worldly absence of pressure.

But back to yesterday. In a nutshell, I followed Millsy all the way up to Woolmer Green, whereupon he binned it on the ice, and I followed his bloodied carcass all the way back to London. My flabby core is so out of shape that it’s all achey today, and I’m saddle-sore into the bargain.

Looks like more snow’s on the way for Wednesday’s ride – sweet!