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Product review: SIS Smart 1 energizer gel

Rocket fuel.

Rocket fuel.

Any energy product recommended by Alexandre Vinokourov deserves to be tried.

I have found these gels really effective in providing a perceptible boost when riding. Most importantly, one of these gels (unlike the High Five gels) is potent enough to rescue an impending bonk. Three is probably the max number to consume on any long ride, lest you get sick of them.

Ideal for the last couple of hours of a century sportive.

Product review: High 5 energy gels

I’m mid-way through a box of 20 High 5 energy gels, so I’m qualified to reveal that… they aren’t that good. While some may favour the fairly diluted juice-like consistency over other, thicker gels, my first priority is an energy kick. You just get the feeling with these that they aren’t giving you much.

It says on the pack that you should consume ‘1 sachet 10 mins before, then 3 sachets per hour during activity’. So, for a 5-hour ride, that’s 16 sachets? Are they crazy?

Energy stat breakdown per 100g:

  • Carbohydrate – 56g (of which sugars 26g)
  • Energy – 224 kcal

Well I’m out, they don’t deliver. To be continued by the way – if this blog does nothing else over the coming months, it will definitely identify the best nutritional products for endurance riding!