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Pilgrim’s Way long loop

Rode this yesterday, in reverse of the direction mapped. It’s a nice route, although I’ve no idea why it’s called Pilgrim’s Way. Went fine until overshooting a cross-roads at Longfield, then bonking. Missed out the small loop to the west via Oxted, and returned from Chevening to Hawley Corner and through Biggin Hill. Stopped off for a massive slice of lemon cake to get my sugar levels back up, then nearly puked.

Which is worse – puking or the bonk? Time for a new poll?

In the process of getting lost near Biggin Hill on the way out I discovered a monster climb 50 mins from my house. Stock Hill. We will meet again.

Swain’s Lane


Last summer I used to train on Highgate West Hill, adding some reps of that after riding Regent’s Park. Now Swain’s Lane is my new favourite hill in north London. 

It starts gradually, and you can big-ring it all the way to the cemetery gates, but then rounds a slight corner and kicks up, and the final gradient is severe. Today I did 4 reps, alternating seated and out of the saddle. 

Thanks to greenpiano1 for the above shot of the corner where it gets steep.