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Mosquito Bikes 1, Cycle Surgery 0


Today was a triumph for the independent London bike store. I got better service and more straight-talking from Mosquito Bikes in about 5 minutes of phone conversation than in 6 weeks with Cycle Surgery.

First of all, a disclaimer – I’m not out to pan Cycle Surgery. They’re good for what they are, i.e. convenient, accessible, capable, multi-purpose, inner-city bike stores. I buy plenty of kit at CC (including my bike, let’s face it) and on balance they have the edge over Evans. However on this occasion they fell short of what I expected.

Rear wheel bearing

In late Feb I discovered play in my rear Fulcrum 7 wheel. The Fulcrum 7s came with my bike, so they’d had about 18 months of active service. I called CC, who advised me that the cartridge bearings could not be serviced, they could only be replaced with a new bearing. I placed an order on March 4th for a new bearing. CC even called me back to confirm the order had been placed, and to inform me I should receive a call in a few weeks’ time. Thankfully I already had my Neutrons by this point, so I just rode those. 

Weeks passed, no call from CC. I phoned a couple of times: the estimated time went from ‘2-3 weeks’ to ’28 days’. I called a month after I initially placed the order, only to be told that actually, because orders to the suppliers were only made once or twice a month, I could have been unlucky i.e. my order was only placed with the supplier in mid-March.

I was annoyed, but figured I would get a call at some point, I still had the Neutrons so what the hey. I considered calling Condor, but they’re being refurbished, and apparently refurbishment means you can’t even provide a phone number (even a voicemail service?) on your website. Another sad chapter in the chronically bad Condor website saga.

Cut the crap

This morning I cracked and called up Mosquito. Dean at Mosquito was helpful. He said they would be doing an order to the bearing supplier tonight, so could I bring my wheel down this afternoon to confirm exactly which bearing was required? I said I couldn’t, but would do the next morning. 5 minutes later I got a call from (mechanic?) Bertie at Mosquito, who, reasoning that my bearing could only be one of two possible types, had ordered both bearings, and would fit one of them tomorrow if I brought the wheel in first thing.

Totally awesome.

Clearly, for specific parts and fast, dedicated service, indie is the way.