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Recovery notes #2

I monitored my recovery closely last week, following the Princes Risborough sportive. I didn’t want to make the same mistakes as before, so instead of jumping straight back on the hack to commute into work, I took Monday off, then took things very light on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. By Thursday I felt like I was back to full strength.

Lots of training guides prescribe ‘active recovery’ after big efforts, i.e. light spinning to improve blood flow, reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery. From experience though this really does need to be very light. 70% of max HR tops. Any more and you just increase your fatigue. Personally, my current commute is too unpredictable / hilly to be reliable recovery riding.

Recovery notes

A couple of notes to self on recovery. Since the Burgess Hill Classic a fortnight ago, I haven’t felt above 80% on the bike – in terms of my energy levels and leg strength – and I’m trying to figure out why.

There are some things I already know about, like last Saturday’s late night / hangover combo. But this weekend I would have expected to feel recovered, so after a good sleep Thursday night, I headed out on Friday, aiming for 4hrs minimum. I went 2.5hrs. The hailstorms that at one point forced me off the road were a factor, but basically I still felt tired, I didn’t even particularly want to ride that day, and once in the saddle my legs had no zing.

Looking back at my training plan, I had 3 ‘build’ weeks up to the Puncheur on 1st March. Then I had a kind of plateau week, then I did a week, albeit with 2 rest days, that culminated in Burgess Hill on 15th. In retrospect I probably ought to have had a light week straight afterwards i.e. no more than 5 hrs in the saddle. In fact, by last Friday I’d only had 1 day completely off the bike since the sportive.

I’ve now had 3 days off the bike and some good sleeps, even if I did climb Snowdon on Saturday and my legs are wrecked. My plan is now to repeat last week’s 4 days of commuting, before doing 100 miles on Saturday, and another 100 the following Friday.

Zing update: I rode Archway to Brixton last night, and powered it. 2 full days off the bike, and the zing is back.