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Get the Eddy by rich_mitch

The Eddy T-shirt, designed by Richard Mitchelson, available from

I bumped into Richard Mitchelson (aka rich_mitch) on Twitter following one of my sportive write-ups. We both rode the Puncheur, and compared notes on the freezing conditions on the day. Anyway, a pleasant but unremarkable cyber-encounter.

Then this morning, as I was flicking through a copy of Rouleur, wearing my cleats and a cycling cap whilst sipping a Rapha-blend macchiato and half-watching the Giro (of which experiences, more later), I recognised Richard’s name in print. RM is an animator/illustrator, who has not only designed a bunch of Tour-legend t-shirts, currently available via the shop, but also a comic strip of the famous Lemond-Fignon showdown in the 1989 Tour de France, for the latest issue of Rouleur.

Wonder what he’d charge for a one-off ‘Al’ t-shirt?

Twitter notes


I’ve started following several pro cyclists on Twitter. It’s kind of interesting – we feel closer than ever to these guys. It turns out the legendary riders of the Tour de France go to bed early, play with their kids, mess about with their bikes and make embarrassing techno-gaffes, just like all of us.

However, today is the day I stopped following Ivan Basso. The guy is threatening to bore me to death. If he’s tweeted anything other than the 3 words ‘dinnar’, ‘ride’ and ‘massage’ over the last 2 months I haven’t noticed. Uninspired use of the medium Ivan.